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"POOFY ORGANICS is a unique workplace where synergistic energies prevail and impressive accomplishments happen on a daily basis."
-Linda Decina LaBattaglia

"POOFY ORGANICS is a family-owned and operated company run by a caring group of people that I am proud to be a part of. It makes me feel good to know that I'm a part of a team that TRULY cares about the products we put on our bodies. POOFY believes family comes first and it has provided me with the flexibility and security of knowing I can be there for my family when they need me. My daily life at POOFY's is one that brings me joy and fulfillment and I feel very fortunate to be working here. " -Kathy Lopez

Kristina Gagliardi-Wilson

CEO / Founder

In her previous life, Kristina was a special education teacher and worked as an adjunct professor at Montclair State University. Her staff does not follow directions but she loves them anyway.

Nella Gagliardi

Mother / Founder

Nella, who used to be an Italian interpreter, loves to work with her family. She does everything in the store from filling product, hoarding napkins, shipping and taking care of Baby Poof!

Mauro Gagliardi

Father / Guy Friday

Mauro recently joined the team and does "whatever my boss daughter and boss wife wants me to do".

Benjamin Wilson

Husband / Great Guy

Ben is part of the back-stage crew. He is blessed to have such a great wife and serves as the master guinea pig.

Mariah Gagliardi-Wilson

POOFY / Daughter

At 19 years old, Mariah attends college and helps out at the warehouse and the store! She is the official nail polish color reviewer.

Nicolas Wilson

Baby Poof / Son

Nicolas does a good job of creating messes and making customers smile.

Mario Gagliardi

Dr. Techy / Brother

Mario is our outstanding tech guy, inventory processor & overall "do this & that" guy. He deals with a facility full of women in an extraordinary fashion.


Supervisor of Distribution

As a former employee of Prudential Securities where she worked for a retail stock analyst, Kathy is in charge of overseeing all POOFY orders for shipping and keeping us all on our toes!


Inventory Management & Distribution Support

Linda, who used to be a corporate Barbie, Natural Foods store owner and employment recruiter does everything from monitoring inventory, helping customers and shipping. She has the BEST calming voice around.


Distribution Support

Jane previously worked at Gucci; but, sadly has not brought the staff any Gucci accessories. She recently made the transition from Production Support Leader to her new home in Shipping and enjoys the cramped working space she shares with Kathy & Linda.

Lynn Marie

Kitchen Head Honcho

Despite being a behind-the-scenes type of gal, Lynn is VERY much in charge of running all things kitchen-related at POOFY. A graduate of the French Culinary Institute, she worked for Sylvia Weinstock and her expertise in spilling organic arrowroot powder is second to none!


Kitchen Assistant

Danielle is a cub scout leader, is camera shy and enjoys making POOFY products and she does "what Lynn tells me to do"


Production Support

Previously an Infiniti Service Advisor, Christine is one of the easiest going people we know. She usually gets stuck doing the jobs no one else wants to do.


Production Support

Anna, who is a former Jordache employee, is good at making sure the staff does what they are supposed to do. If she is in the middle of preparing a product, she enjoys being interrupted repeatedly to help another staff member.


Production Support

Danielle's big sister who thoroughly enjoys driving her nuts. Sam worked as a videotape editor/ news producer at WPIX-TV in New York, then was a full time mom until her chicks left the nest. Now she interrupts Anna and bakes for kicks.


Production Support

Jill, who has been friends with Kristina since grammar school regards POOFY as her getaway.

Natasha McSweeney

GUIDE Coordinator & Kristina's Assistant

Even though Natasha is Kristina's assistant, she makes sure to give Kristina plenty of work to do. She loves writing notes on slips of paper while she is crunching away on snacks at her desk.

Jennifer Almeida

Distribution Support

Before Poofy, Jen was a Production Coordinator and Technical Designer.  Today, you can find her carefully packaging all your goodies for shipment!

Melanie Dragone

Field Leadership Advisor

Melanie has been brought on board to create a Poofy Sisterhood and cultivate the existing Tribe of Guides. With a BA in Psychology, she is exactly who we need to sort out the craziness that is Poofy!

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