Subsidising Crop Marketing in Zambia – Subsidising Crop Marketing in ZambiaAllAfrica.comOn Friday the 26th October, I was driving from Indaba village where I had gone to attend a meeting by women groups on community banking. As usual, I decided to tune in to Parliament Radio to listen to our members of Parliament debate. It… Read More

Microsoft's Marketing Malfeasance Microsoft is almost a month into actively marketing its Surface tablet, its first branded smartphone, and a radically new and unique Windows 8, and the brand has settled into a comfortably routine communications strategy. I expected more for a rumored $1.5 billion price tag. Microsoft should have, too.  It could emerge as Source… Read More

Rovio Sets Mobile Marketing Sights on China – Mobile Marketing Watch Rovio Sets Mobile Marketing Sights on ChinaMobile Marketing WatchThis time, Rovio is taking its mobile marketing ambitions deep inside of the world's most populous mobile community. Rovio and Madhouse, a leading mobile advertising network in China, have joined forces to explore mobile marketing opportunities… Read More

NetSteps’ ENCORE Runs on Windows 8 and Microsoft’s New Surface Tablet – PR Web (press release) NetSteps' ENCORE Runs on Windows 8 and Microsoft's New Surface TabletPR Web (press release)About NetSteps. Founded in 2003, NetSteps provides a complete end-to-end software solution for the global direct-selling industry. NetSteps' ENCORE™ can be implemented Cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service, Hosted Solution… Read More


The Definitive Guide To Content Marketing – Business 2 Community Business 2 Community The Definitive Guide To Content MarketingBusiness 2 CommunityBecause I doubt Penguin and Panda will be the last of these crackdowns on low-quality content, it's becoming increasingly obvious that content marketing isn't just the latest “SEO technique”. It's one of the few on… Read More