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The ANTI Stick is an immune activating lotion stick which can be used all over the body! 
Use it to ward off germs or to activate defenses if you feel an illness coming on.

This product does not evaporate as easily as other lotions. The great and simple ingredients coat your skin. Use it on your entire body or on problem areas! Keep it in a purse or pocket!

Ingredients: Organic Beeswax, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Essential Oils of Clove (Eugenia caryophyllus), Lemon (Citrus Medica Limonum), Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis- 1,8 cineole)  & Cinnamon Leaf (Cinnamomum zeylanicum)

.63 oz.


ANTI Lotion Stick Organic $10.00

4 Stars Based on 13 Review(s)

Aissa BoduchBarrington, NH - 5 Stars
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Love this stick!

May 29,2019
We use this as our lotion on the go. Great for throwing in a bag with no worries of spilling, and it helps us fight all the germs we encounter out in public.
Candace BistodeauElk River, MN - 5 Stars
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Love it!

January 10,2019
Got this product based on reviews I read. I use it daily on my family (including my toddler). He has avoided getting sick when everyone around him was sick! I think this lotion stick definitely helps keep his immune system strong!
Stephanie DunnChandler, AZ - 5 Stars
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A staple in our house now

January 4,2019
The last 7yrs EVERY single time my 2 teen boys go visit their biological father  they come back sick (and the only time they are ever sick). This Christmas vacation I sent this stick with them to use 2x a day while there and this is the very 1st time they came back home NOT sick. This was also a big deal as we have a baby now to keep healthy. This will be in our house all the time and be sending the stick with my kids when they travel.
Kirsten KruegerMadison, WI - 5 Stars
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Love this!

November 4,2018
I love this product! I have very sensitive skin and an auto immune disorder which means getting sick sucks for me. Anything I can do to prevent that is awesome. I even used this stick before I got on a long airplane ride and I did not get sick! And I ALWAYS get sick after a flight.
Janell McKenneyBillings, MT - 4 Stars
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October 25,2018
My husband came home from school with a stomach bug! We have a 22 month old and a 2 month old. I immediately put it on my toddler and me. We didn’t catch it. She caught a cold a few days later and I put it on her hands and feeet and she got over her cold much faster! I’m keeping it in my purse. It’s gonna go with me everywhere!
Autumn ChmilScranton, PA - 5 Stars
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Mom’s proactive remedy

September 14,2018
I really LOVE this stick.  I always throw one in with my order so that I never have to worry about not having it on hand.  I get a variety of uses out of it including relief from sinus pain, relief from bites, and relief from regular old headaches in a pinch.  I also use it on my child’s eczema break outs.  The best part of the ANTI-stick is the prevention of getting ill due to our favorite back to school germs. I try to be vigilant in using this the first few weeks back into the new school year to help stop the chaos of germs wreaking havoc on our immune system.   I also use it whenever I feel one of us is coming down with something to stop the illness in its tracks.  Highly recommend this item and it is one of my favorite Poofy Organics products.
Desarie WalkerRexburg, ID - 5 Stars
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I LOVE this stick!

June 10,2018
The anti stick has been so helpful for me! Anytime I’m having one of those days where I’m just sneezing a ton, or when I actually have a cold, I just rub some under my nose! It really helps me stop sneezing for awhile!! It cut my cold I half as well!!
I have also used it to spot treat eczema! Everyone should have one of these!
Diane MessierWilliamsburg, VA - 5 Stars
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March 13,2018
We have been using a lot of the Anti Lotion Stick recently. I rub on spine and bottom of feet. Sometimes I'll rub some under my boys' nose and on their hands before heading to the library (where there are lots of little kids with coughs and runny noses who like to put things in their mouths and then hand them to my kids, lol!).
Sarah WrightVenice, FL - 5 Stars
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Unreal results!

March 6,2018
This is by far one of my fav poofy products ! It has done wonders for my son and his paci rashes !
Valery SpradlinClayton, NC - 5 Stars
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The magic stick

January 16,2017
I call it my magic stick. From helping my whole family when we have colds to clearing my daughter's allergic reaction rash. A must have at every home.
Britney BatesSEQUIM, WA - 4 Stars
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Lots of uses

November 22,2016
Love this product. We rub it on hands, feet and spine. It smells great and the kids really like it. Feel like it really makes a difference in fighting germs.Only complaint is that as the stick begins to be close to being empty, it sticks to the top and the lotion part comes out of the tube and gets stuck to the lid.
adelaida morillo - 5 Stars
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July 13,2016
Tara GlennAlbany, GA - 5 Stars
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October 25,2015
Cleared up my daughter's eczema rash! Also kept me from getting sick.

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