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Picture of Breeze Breath Spray Organic (3 pk)

Breeze Breath Spray Organic (3 pk)


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Long lasting, concentrated, refreshing & made with pure essential oils.  3 pack of 10 mL and over 100 sprays in each.

Ingredients: organic grain alcohol, organic glycerin, organic essential oils of peppermint (Mentha piperita), spearmint  (Mentha spicata)  & clove bud (Eugenia Caryophyllus).

Spray when you feel your breath needs freshening!


Breeze Breath Spray Organic (3 pk) $10.00

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Diane MessierWilliamsburg, VA - 5 Stars
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Must have for the office!

December 13,2017
For anyone working in an office environment (or truely any environment), I find this product to be a MUST have!
The Breeze Breath Spray is fantastic to freshen up your breath after coffee or lunch!  Two sprays and I can exhale safely around my co-workers and clients!  For $10 you get a 3-pack which makes this a convenient and cost effective alternative to always having to buy gum.  Plus, it fits easily into my pocket for when I go out!

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