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Bee Stings, insect bites, burns, sunburn, measles, chicken pox, eczema, cuts, scrapes, fever sores, chapped lips, itchy skin, poison ivy, ring worm!

2 oz.

ingredients: organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic beeswax, organic calendula oil, organic comfrey oil, organic honey, organic essential oils of tea tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia), lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia), peppermint (Mentha piperita), & rosemary (Rosemary officinalis).


Everything Salve Organic $15.00

4 Stars Based on 37 Review(s)

Jacque StinebackTHREE RIVERS, MI - 5 Stars
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The name for this is perfect.

July 18,2019
Since this is our everything go to. I carry one in our diaper bag and keep one at home. Our boys know to go to it should they have the need. Cut, bruise, injury that needs cleaning and healing. If you are looking to heal your skin without toxic ingredients this is a must have!
Cheryl SuitorYoungstown, NY - 5 Stars
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Literally for everything!

May 28,2019
This is our absolute favorite Poofy product! From sunburn to scrapes and everything in between, we love it!
Samantha SulikowskiButler, KY - 5 Stars
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Helps Sunburn

May 28,2019
My teen and me both got sunburn all over our pale arms, just as summer started to come. With only a half bottle of after-sun spray left, I gave the Everything Salve cream a try. It kept my sunburn moisturized, helped heal it and quicker than my teens sunburn who decided she didn't need it. She waited for more after-sun to come in the mail. Which I ended up not needing, thanks to the Everything Salve which worked really well for it.

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Kristen Buelow-LambdinGROVE CITY, OH - 4 Stars
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All around amazing!

January 12,2019
I have used it for skin irritation on my chest, dry skin, excema and psoriasis.  It has worked great for me! Plus it smells good and my husband likes it too because it's not "girly smelling" and has helped with his chapped hands from winter.
Alicia ZacherlLucinda, PA - 5 Stars
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I’m in love with this product!

December 31,2018
I’ve suffered from occasional eczema for several years now. This is the only product I’ve found that calms it down without using a prescription medication. It is also great for using on very dry, cracked skin. It healed the cracks in less than 4 days!
Nadena BarnettMiddleburg, VA - 5 Stars
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Everything salve rocks!

October 23,2018
I’m still learning ways you can use this! I’ve used it primarily for poison ivy. It’s amazing! You can use on everything just like it says! It’s so worth the price a little goes a long way! You’ll love it too!
Rebecca SpenceMyrtle Beach, SC - 5 Stars
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Love it

October 23,2018
This is my go to item, every bite, cut and burn I'm using it. Every time my hubby cuts himself I'm telling him to grab it and use it
Joy HuhmanAlton, IL - 5 Stars
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Everything is right!

October 3,2018
I love the Everything Salve.  I have psoriasis and it keeps the skin moisturized and not itchy.  I've used it on cuts, minor burns and bug bites too.  Works great and smells great!
Vicki ThackerBuford, GA - 5 Stars
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I use this for everything.

August 27,2018
This is by far one of my favorite Poofy products. We've used it for bug bites, cuts, scrapes, rashes & chaffing. One of the best products they have. Even my husband, who doesn't like creams or lotions, uses this!
Tracy ReardonBoston, MA - 5 Stars
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My favorite product!

July 16,2018
Took this camping (keep it in my purse).  My back was sunburnt, worked great.  Tons of bug bites, worked great.  Son skinned his knee, worked great!
Autumn ChmilScranton, PA - 5 Stars
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The Best Product that Poofy Organics Makes!

July 10,2018
I am the type of gal that has duplicates of things and then I can never find those things.  But not with the Everything Salve by Poofy Organics. I keep one everywhere - bedside table, bathroom, desk, car, kitchen, and living room.  It is a must-have for parents on-the-go
Desarie WalkerRexburg, ID - 5 Stars
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This really is for everything!

June 10,2018
I use this under my nose when I’m sick(and my anti stick isn’t with me)
I have used this on burns, cuts, and cracked heels. It works SO well!! I had a really bad crack in my heel and I applied this 2 times throughout the day and it’s already so much better!! It’s also helped relieve a canker sore!!
Janell McKenneyBillings, MT - 5 Stars
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Multi-purspose miracle jar!

June 3,2018
I bought this to replace using petroleum jelly and got way more in return. I use it for cuts, scrapes, and burns. But it’s also great for chapped skin and lips. I use it to help clear my nasal passages instead of Vick’s. My husband gets bad eczema on his arms in the winter, and it was awesome for clearing it up. Even he raves about it!
Sheila SmithWayne, MI - 5 Stars
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Great product!

May 23,2018
This cleared my armpit rash fast, I just could not find anything to make it clear completely! Cured the staph infection I had on my face. Needless to say my skin was saved from dealing with dr prescribed harmful medications!!!
Melissa HoepnerEden Prairie, MN - 5 Stars
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I love this little jar!

March 22,2018
We have used this for dry cuticles, sore chapped lips, scrapes and bruises, cracking hands/fingers.  It works on everything!  Thank you Poofy for such a safe product that really works.  My husband loves it too!
Kimberly HartPikeville, TN - 4 Stars
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March 14,2018
I am very anxious to try this for my terrible flare-ups...It looks amazing
Deanna MillerPrior Lake, MN - 5 Stars
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March 10,2018
Every home should include this in a home health care kit! Amazing for bug bites, bee stings, rashes, dry skin and the list goes on... And be sure to pack it when traveling!
Kathryn BergWoodbury, AL - 5 Stars
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Don't leave home without it

March 5,2018
I love Everything Salve!  I started using it for lip balm.  But then I'd use it for a litle itch here or there. My husband has problems with his nasal passages drying out during the winter.  I suggested he try the Everything Salve just to sooth them.  He really liked it, so I had to order him his own jar.  Then I started taking it on vacation with me. I was on the airplane and was using it frequenty on my lips as the air circulating dries them out quickly.  I used the restroom and the hand soap in the bathroom (has SLS in it, of course) dries my hands out so badly.  I couldn't get to my lotion and then I remembered:  Everything Salve!  I rubbed some on my hands.  Instant relief.  It was actually really helpful for bug bites while on vacation, which I wasn't expecting, but it did.  I highly recommend it.
Christina MikscheSelah, WA - 5 Stars
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I use this for everything

March 5,2018
I wasn't sure what Everything Salve was but decided to get it because of all of the recommendations for it and I literally use it for EVERYTHING. I'm so happy I decided to get it. I use it on my chest when I'm sick, chapped lips, rashes, cuts and scrapes. I love this stuff.
Shannon LownAllison Park, PA - 5 Stars
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My miracle product

February 7,2018
I am a cancer survivor, during treatment I suffered from dozens of styes all at one time. No RX, or hot compresses helped. I was desperate and tried this. I put a little salve on a q-tip, applied to areas on the outside of my eye that had styes. Within days they started to disappear. This is also a great product for countless ailments. It's our go-to for boo-boo's, place a little on a bandaid and it does the work! Highly recommend this product, a little goes a long way!
Jennie CookAnoka, MN - 5 Stars
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We Love It!

January 16,2018
We truly use Everything Salve for everything!  From dry lips, to a chapped nose, to my son's eczema, to mild burns, the list goes on!  It's so gentle, yet effective.
Felecia HuntLeague City, TX - 5 Stars
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Wonderful Salve especially for Winter months

January 3,2018
This organic salve is really something.  A great product like this is a must have! This is the only product that I use as a Lip Balm both during the day and I put it on before bed.  It even is my go-to when I'm out skiing.  I haven't ever gotten chapped lips and/or wind burn with this balm. It works well as a base moisturizer for my lips when I wear lipstick as well.
If you ever have a minor skin irritation, bug bite, etc it works wonderfully as well.  
My husband works outside and uses it as a lip balm.  
If you haven't tried it....buy it!  You will be glad that you did (even if you just use it as a lip balm) plus you aren't ingesting any harmful or questionable chemicals as you would with many other products..
Ellen KearnsWest Newton, PA - 5 Stars
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Best ever

June 29,2017
I had a salve from an organic grocery store that I thought was the best.  UNTIL I tried this salve.  Had cut my thumb and used this.  Healed up in no time!!!
Steve HuntLecompton, KS - 5 Stars
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The Best!

February 9,2017
We love the Everything Salve in our home! We use it for EVERYTHING! It is amazing!
Stacy PoorPrairieville, LA - 5 Stars
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I'm Amazed!!!

January 13,2017
I received this salve a few days ago for the first time.  With winter here my lips, fingers and feet are extremely dry and cracked. For the past few nights I have been applying this salve to the dry, cracked skin and going to bed (applying socks to my feet afterwards).  Can I say "WOW"!!!! This salve really works, and works well!!  My cracks have diminished by a good 75% already and my lips are no longer chapped and peeling.   This will be great also for my children who come home with scrapes from their sports games also!  Thank you so much for creating this wonderful product!!
Jackie ONeillHavertown, PA - 5 Stars
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Family favorite

November 23,2016
Love the everything salve!  It is helpful that the many uses are listed on the jar.  We have used it for mosquito bites, chapped lips and scrapes with much success.
Kate PetersonOrland Park, IL - 5 Stars
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Everything salve

November 23,2016
I have 3 jars of this at all times-one for my purse and 2 for the house.  I literally use it on everything including chapped lips.  Can't be without!
Nikki BonineRoseville, MN - 5 Stars
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Best. Product. Ever.

November 20,2016
This is the absolute best product. I put it on every single cut, scrape, and rash. My little ones ask for it even when I cannot see anything on their skin. But that is the beauty of this product. I have no qualms about putting some of these wonderful ingredients on my boys' skin any ol' time.
Anne ConoverGreenville, NC - 5 Stars
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Don't be without this!

November 19,2016
This product is definitely one of my favorites! I have used it for many skin issues and it's effective every time. It's definitely in my arsenal when we go camping. Instantly takes the itch away from any bug bites. I also use it on eczema or any other skin rashes with great results. Whenever my family gets any kind of cut, itch, or rash, they say "mom, where's that stuff in the green container?" I know exactly what they are asking for! It's also great on chapped lips. Don't let the price deter you - a little goes a long way!
Kristin WeaverCaro, MI - 5 Stars
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Must have!

November 19,2016
We love this stuff and use it for everything. My kids ask for it and I feel good about using it on them! The hubby even asks for the "magic creme"!
Ellen Richter GaffneyNorristown, PA - 5 Stars
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Everything Salve

June 24,2016

I love this product it does a great job for itchiness and any type of skin issue but my use is when i have joint pain
I have daily some pain in my ankle from a prior injury .  i put the Every Salve on and in 10 - 15 minutes no more pain and it lasts for hours
I love it.  My husband uses it for his Psoriasis

Ellen Gaffney
Janelle ParsonsChicago, IL - 5 Stars
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This. Is. Amazing.

March 22,2016
I highly highly recommend this Everything Salve Organic from Poofy Organics. Don't let the price per amount fool you, I'm writing this review mid March and purchased this mid December. I have 1/4 product left, and it's used DAILY between myself and my son. A very little goes a very long way. I was extremely skeptical when this product was recommended to me. Then it cleared up a small rash plus healed the scared skin in that area, I've had that rash spot for a year and a half, in less than a month of one dab a day of this it's completely gone!!! Dermatologist prescriptions hardly made a dent improving my spot or my son's eczema. When my son gets patches, I apply twice daily and the day after there's much improvement. Three days later, no sign of it. I'm back here writing this as I'm picking up another one.
Melanie GohlDenver, CO - 5 Stars
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Great for healing dry, chapped lips!

March 13,2016
During dry winter months, my lips are dry, crack easily, and peel consistently. After just one use of Everything Salve, I could feel and see the difference in texture and hydration. At first, I used it throughout the day to speed the healing process and now I just keep it on my nightstand to use every night. I feel like I'm using a lot but a little goes a long way! I've had the same jar for over a month now and not even a forth of it is gone. My lip texture hasn't been this smooth since I was in my 20's! I also use on my cuticles, small scrapes/scratches, and random dry, rough patches to soothe and heal.
Lucille PrestonEscondido, CA - 5 Stars
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Love this!

November 28,2015
I suffer for really itchy skin. I have not been able to determine what causes it. Sometimes it seems related to dry skin, sometimes it seems related to stress, sometimes it seems related to a reaction to synthetic fragrance, and other times it seems weather related. I have tried many different lotions in an attempt to find relief with no luck. I bought this, put it on, and within a couple of minutes I finally had relief! It has definitely been a life saver! I can not wait to see what other benefits it offers!
Susanne Mitchellcoatesville, PA - 5 Stars
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Definitely good for everything. Love this stuff

September 7,2015
I had recently got stung by bees, and a trip to the er due to bad allergic reaction  to them (never was before) i had what looked like rash and still had a little pain and itchiness around the area of bee stings. Used everything salve for 3 days 2 times a day on area. This did wonders. Rash fading and pain of stings eased,  and the itchiness gone. I am in love with this stuff
Katie BeimelWest Bloomfield, MI - 5 Stars
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August 14,2015
Not only is this amazing on cuts and burns (which I am prone to and have used this on), but, by far and way for me, it is the BEST anti-itch product I have ever found.  I get weekly allergy shots, and immediately apply this after the short.  5-10 mins, the itchy, irritating feeling is gone.  Mosquitoes love me--LOVE ME.  I can put this on a mosquito bite and it will last all day.
Melissa LandisGreen Lane, PA - 5 Stars
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Seriously good for EVERYTHING!

July 16,2015
Poofy's Everything Salve is fantastic for whatever ails you, rub it on & Poof like magic, you're healed. My family of six uses it EVERY DAY! Great for burns, cuts, scrapes, bug bites, bee stings, chapped lips, POISON IVY (I used this on my poison ivy 3x a day, second day GONE!), itchy skin, rashes, blisters, sunburns, etc. No household should be without. A must have for travel!! We LOVE our EVERYTHING salve. :-)

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